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After our presentation we obtain current tooth shade using a dental shade conversion chart to determine the color of the teeth, we will give an estimate of the expected results from our Vivid Smiles Express teeth whitening treatment. the results may vary, most of our customers notice dramatic results in their first session, a change of 5-8 shades lighter in 25-30 minutes session.

Prior the treatment we give full details of what to expect during the whitening treatment also our trained technician will be Available next to the customer during the treatment in case of need for assistance, he’s not dentist or dental personnel. This is a cosmetic procedure.

We use preloaded one size fits all double sided mouthpiece and once the customer bite into the mouthpiece the ph neutral carbamide Peroxide combines with the moisture in the mouth, it releases hydroxyl radicals that gently penetrate the cellular structure of the teeth To release stains that have build up over time. During the treatment the accelerator light is placed front of the mouthpiece for 25-30 minutes. The spectrum blue LED dental light will accelerate and enhance the whitening process by activating the photosensitive teeth whitening gel.

This process make the overall tooth color closer to it’s natural unstained color. Years of clinical tests have demonstrated the safety And effectiveness of this system. Most of our customers achieve very satisfying level of tooth whitening. Also the price factor that most Dental office teeth whitening costs between $400-$700 our whitening treatment cost $129.00 for the first session of 25-30 minutes and Most people Just like the way they look they come back about eight to twelve months later for another treatment to get their teeth whiter For a discounted cost of $99.00 for the 2nd session of 25-30 minutes, when they bring back to us the kit from the first treatment.


Teeth whitening is primarily for natural teeth, if you have veneers, composite fillings, implants or synthetic tooth structures our process will Remove surface stains but their base color will remain as they were when installed. If your natural teeth are grayish in color, have multiple Colorations or are stained from tetracycline or nicotine, your teeth may require more then one treatments to achieve best results.


Your whitening results will last up to a year depending on your consumption of staining agent, your age, general health and genetics. Using after care maintenance we highly recommend our teeth whitening PEN will prolong your results by preventing and continuing To remove stains.



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Teeth Whitening