Customer Testimonials


I am from Australia when I saw this teeth whitening they had two customers whitening their teeth. I came back later to whiten my teeth also. To my surprise I got amazing whitening results for much less that what I have paid two years Ago in Australia, Without any pain and no sensitivity it tingle a little bit only, their friendly service was outstanding and The treatment was handled in a very professional way, they really cared about me. I love my new smile thank you.

Annie Sydney, Australia.


I was afraid to whiten my teeth because of bad experience in the past with Zoom. Here they took their time to explain To me the differances between their and the zoom systems. They assured me that their treatment is painless, safe, faster and affordable. I am glad that I did it because I got my teeth by 6 shades whiter and was no pain or sensitivity that what I was so worried about and I paid $300 less then the zoom. This place gave me satisfaction, so they got my trust therefore I will keep coming to them in the future.

Julia L.A., CA


I have moved from the UK to LA getting started with my acting carrier so I was looking to whiten my teeth before Auditions. I liked this place because it’s full privacy facility, very nice atmosphere, professional staff that gave me detailed Presentation. I was determined to give them my business. I am glad that I did because my teeth got whiter by 7 shades I am happy and ready for the auditions. I am going to bring my Father and Brother that came with me from the UK to Whitened their teeth here because this place is amazing, very professionals well experienced and reasonable prices.

David S. L.A., CA


I came to whiten my teeth here because I have tried the strips before and it didn’t give me much results. after their prisantation I Have decided to do it. I set on a very comfortable chair with the light directed on my Teeth for 25 minutes relaxing music didn’t Feel any much discomfort just little tingling. After the treatment I looked at my teeth in the mirror I couldn’t believe the results was much more then the messy strips that I have been using, don’t wast your money and time. My teeth whitened by 6 shades. I highly recommend them to anyone. good job Vivid Smiles Express.

Gina B.H., CA


I shop at Beverly Hills and I have observed this teeth whitening for some times. looks very professional I decided to give them a shot and I have only good things to say about them. They gave me very helpful instructions before the treatment It was painless. I almost feel a sleep on their comfortable chair and the best of all the results was so dramatic while looking in the Mirror I kept saying WOW! after WOW! for anyone that looking to get amazing results on their teeth this is the place to go to. I am a very picky person. They are the best.

Milton Century City, CA


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