Since 2008 - VIVID SMILES EXPRESS Professional Teeth Whitening in Just 25-30 Minutes Safe, Simple, No Pain and No Sensitivity. Guaranteed Results By 5 to 8 Shades Whiter And Reasonably Priced.

Vivid Smiles Express philosophy. We care! A Shade above and brighter than the rest. We welcome all customers that made their decision to whiten their teeth and we always make sure that They will achieve their goal, noticing dramatic results by 5 to 8 shades whiter, Guaranteed. Teeth Whitening is a cosmetic procedure. We inform our customers that they will feel some minor tingling but they will experience no pain and no sensitivity, our treatment is safe, noninvasive and non-surgical. We use high-quality teeth whitening products made in the USA and FDA registered.

Our commitment, guaranteeing our customers for full satisfaction is based on our long experience history In the teeth whitening business, serving thousands of satisfied customers locally and from around of the world Since 2008.

Just give us 25-30 minutes of your time and we will give you Whiter Brighter Smiles With no pain in your teeth and gums and no pain in your wallet. Post-treatment we always get the customers confirmation of satisfaction accompanied by a Joyful Wow!


About Us

The Integrity of Our Business is Our Commitment to Quality and Satisfaction.

Vivid Smiles Express recognized by thousands of satisfied Customers locally and Internationally. Among them are professionals from the Entertainment Industry, Doctors, Attorneys and other Professionals that trust our credibility and the quality of our Teeth whitening services. Post-treatment they express their satisfaction of the whitening results by Complementing us for the simplicity and painless procedure and they keep coming once every Eight months to a year for follow-up treatments.

Our teeth whitening is the most advanced system. Quickest, Safest, effective and the most affordable Teeth whitening available outside of a dental office. Our teeth whitening treatment Is Guaranteed to rapidly produce a noticeably brighter and whiter smile by 5-8 shades In 25-30 minutes. All of our teeth whitening products and materials are made in the USA and FDA Registered.

Our Whitening Methods

Providing our Customers with comfort, quality, and satisfaction is our commitment to excellence. We care!

After our presentation we obtain current tooth shade using a dental shade conversion chart to determine the color of the teeth, we will give an estimate of the expected results from our Vivid Smiles Express teeth whitening treatment. the results may vary, most of our customers notice dramatic results in their first session, a change of 5-8 shades lighter in 25-30 minutes session.

Prior the treatment we give full details of what to expect during the whitening treatment also our trained technician will be Available next to the customer during the treatment in case of need for assistance, he’s not a dentist or dental personnel. This is a cosmetic procedure.

We use preloaded one size fits all double sided mouthpiece and once the customer bites into the mouthpiece the ph neutral carbamide Peroxide combines with the moisture in the mouth, it releases hydroxyl radicals that gently penetrate the cellular structure of the teeth To release stains that have built up over time. During the treatment, the accelerator light is placed in front of the mouthpiece for 25-30 minutes. The spectrum blue LED dental light will accelerate and enhance the whitening process by activating the photosensitive teeth whitening gel.

This process makes the overall tooth color closer to its natural unstained color. Years of clinical tests have demonstrated the safety And effectiveness of this system. Most of our customers achieve a very satisfying level of tooth whitening. Also the price factor that most Dental offices teeth whitening costs between $400-$700 our whitening treatment cost $129.00 for the first session of 25-30 minutes and Most people Just like the way they look they come back about eight to twelve months later for another treatment to get their teeth whiter For a discounted cost of $99.00 for the 2nd session of 25-30 minutes.


Teeth whitening is primarily for natural teeth if you have veneers, composite fillings, implants or synthetic tooth structures our process will Remove surface stains but their base color will remain as they were when installed. If your natural teeth are grayish in color, have multiple Colorations or are stained from tetracycline or nicotine, your teeth may require more then one treatment to achieve best results.


Your whitening results will last up to a year depending on your consumption of staining agent, your age, general health, and genetics. Using aftercare maintenance we highly recommend our teeth whitening PEN will prolong your results by preventing and continuing To remove stains.





Recent scientific research by the University of Leuven has shown that the teeth are normal and Healthy there are no demonstrable adverse effects on tooth enamel caused by teeth whitening.


Some people may feel a little tingling sensation, white gum line, or minor sensitivity, all of which are normal and hold no danger. Typically this only last thirty to sixty minutes. With our proven technic and with the right instructions that we give to our customers prior to The procedure, the end results our customers experience little to no sensitivity.


Our experience from thousands of customers noticed dramatic results in their first session. Usually, your teeth will change by 5-8 shades lighter on the teeth shade scale and we enjoy to hear The WOW while looking in the mirror confirming their satisfaction of the whitening results and they Come back about eight to twelve months for another treatment to get their teeth whiter. Note that the results will depend on the customer teeth conditions due to genetic factors, tetracycline use, Aging process or hereditary stains any discoloration and stains caused by decalcification such as Excessive use of fluorides and porous teeth have little results from the treatment. However, our experience From the diversity of our customers our whitening treatment did have its effect for 90% of our customers.


Results are depending on individual characteristics of each person, such as age and grade of discoloration But most people usually see results after first treatment between 25-30 minutes. In some cases, an additional 25 Minutes may be required for the desired results.


Tooth whitening GEL will only whiten natural teeth. It will not bleach, nor harm bonding, caps, crown, bridges fillings or Any other artificial dental work.


There are many causes, the most common include consumption of foods, coffee, tea, wine, smoking, dark sodas Tetracycline, aging process or hereditary stains.


Just about everyone can enjoy the benefit to the bleaching process if their teeth and gums are healthy. People with stains resulting from excessive fluorides or if their teeth are porous can expect little results. The whitening treatment delivers exceptional results for people whose teeth have been stained from Smoking or by substances like coffee, tea, cola, red wine, blueberries, soy sauce, tomato sauce. Pregnant women, Breastfeeding and children under age 15 should not whiten their teeth.


Teeth whitening is not Dentistry. It’s a cosmetic procedure. This bleaching process is provided by professionals in the teeth whitening business and are not Dentists.


For most people, the treatment should last for a year. Your teeth have become stained in the first place From consuming food and beverages. Upon the completion of your whitening session, your teeth are Restored closer to their natural white color. Exposure to foods drinks coffee, tea, colas and red wines, Smoking, and other consumables will gradually darken teeth again over time you may want to periodically Whiten your teeth after an initial session, most people do a touch-up session about once every eight months. We offer follow-up treatments for $99.00 also you may want to use our whitening maintenance Pen will Greatly help to extend the results of a whitening session.

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Customer Testimonials


I am from Australia when I saw this teeth whitening they had two customers whitening their teeth. I came back later to whiten my teeth also. To my surprise I got amazing whitening results for much less that what I have paid two years Ago in Australia, Without any pain and no sensitivity it tingle a little bit only, their friendly service was outstanding and The treatment was handled in a very professional way, they really cared about me. I love my new smile thank you.

Annie Sydney, Australia.


I was afraid to whiten my teeth because of a bad experience in the past with Zoom. Here they took their time to explain to me the differences between their system and the zoom systems. They assured me that their treatment is painless, safe, faster and affordable. I am glad that I did it because I got my teeth by 6 shades whiter and was no pain or sensitivity that what I was so worried about and I paid $300 less than the zoom. This place gave me satisfaction, so they got my trust, therefore, I will keep coming to them in the future.

Julia L.A., CA


I have moved from the UK to LA getting started with my acting carrier so I was looking to whiten my teeth before Auditions. I liked this place because it’s full privacy facility, very nice atmosphere, professional staff that gave me detailed Presentation. I was determined to give them my business. I am glad that I did because my teeth got whiter by 7 shades I am happy and ready for the auditions. I am going to bring my Father and Brother that came with me from the UK to Whitened their teeth here because this place is amazing, very professionals well experienced and reasonable prices.

David S. L.A., CA


I came to whiten my teeth here because I have tried the strips before and it didn’t give me results I desired. After their presentation, I have decided to do it. I set on a very comfortable chair with the light directed on my teeth for 25 minutes relaxing music didn’t Feel any much discomfort just little tingling. After the treatment I looked at my teeth in the mirror I couldn’t believe the results was much more then the messy strips that I have been using, don’t wast your money and time. My teeth whitened by 6 shades. I highly recommend them to anyone. good job Vivid Smiles Express.

Gina B.H., CA


I shop at Beverly Hills and I have observed this teeth whitening for some times. looks very professional I decided to give them a shot and I have only good things to say about them. They gave me very helpful instructions before the treatment It was painless. I almost feel a sleep on their comfortable chair and the best of all the results was so dramatic while looking in the Mirror I kept saying WOW! after WOW! for anyone that looking to get amazing results on their teeth this is the place to go to. I am a very picky person. They are the best.

Milton Century City, CA


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